CAD Draughting Standards
Of course, the great thing about standards is that there are so many to choose from. The ABTT CAD Standards are available from this page but are not obligatory for users.
The ABTT CAD Standards are based on work by members of the European Draughting Standards Working party for Technical Communication in Theatre, an OISTAT initiative. The members were:
Matthew Attwood, Alan Bartlett, Robert Batchelor, Chris Dyer, Steve Green, Colin Maxwell, Alison Southern, and Anthony Waterman
This original ABTT version was compiled by Steve Green and myself in 2002
They are intended to be usable across all CAD programs but comments from users are always welcome via the Contact button. The Standards are a work in progress and are presented with changes and additions highlighted as a reference. You can download the current Standards documents below. In the file are the documents plus a blank AutoCAD .dwg file containing all the Layers and styles etc
The USITT also have their own standards, one general; Scenic Design & Technical Production, the other lighting specific (RP2) which are available from the locations below.
The RP2 Lighting Standard shows the USITT standard symbols for lanterns of all sorts and are pretty generic looking as they are based on lens size and so on, rather than specific types. This is from 2006.
Lastly there is the sound standard, dating from 2007 This is mainly dealing with system interconnections rather than placement of speakers on a groundplan.
Lastly, I’m including the Canadian CITT CAD Standards. These are based largely on the ABTT CAD Standards but with slightly different Layering which, in part reflects the two parts of that nation. There are separate layers provided for English and French text as well as Metric and Imperial dimensions.
Click on the logos below to download the standards.
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